Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education

MAASE is a statewide professional educational organization affiliated with the National Council of Administrators of Special Education and the Council for Exceptional Children. MAASE members are dedicated to the enhancement of the worth, dignity, potential, and uniqueness of each individual in society.

Those who receive special education services are individuals who possess basic rights and responsibilities, and who command respect at all times. Special education embraces the right to a free appropriate public education.

The Mission of MAASE is to provide leadership for the development and implementation of quality programs and services for students with disabilities within the total education community.

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President's Corner

MAASE President Eric Hoppstock
Eric Hoppstock

September 30, 2016

Welcome to new and renewing members of MAASE. A new year is underway and the learning is in the doing. I just wish that the doing wasn’t so difficult at times. That’s where MAASE fits in our busy professional lives offering support, professional learning and the opportunity to share the journey with other like-minded professionals.

An excellent slate of professional learning opportunities await each member in the year ahead. If you haven’t attended an EdCamp session, please consider doing so. Your next opportunity is October 12, 2016. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn together, whether you are a first time administrator or have a number of years under your belt.

I have heard the statement, “what gets watered grows,” MAASE is what, we as members, grow it to be. Take a moment to click the “Activities” tab on the MAASE home page and consider how you might get involved. The picture of each Chair is available so you can hunt them down to volunteer your expertise.

Finally, if you are a CASE member, consider finding one MAASE member who is not currently a CASE member and get them signed up. We are part of CASE which is our link to national issues and advocacy. It is our access to pre-vetted products and discounts which include some powerful curriculums.

I look forward to seeing all of you in October.

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