Change a Light Bulb

This is an overview of the Change a Light Bulb activity


When the user starts the module, they will find themselves in a living room. The game will then task them with replacing the burnt light bulb. While they play through the module, the game will track their progress and grade their performance based on the specified task analysis and grading criteria.
When the user believes they have successfully completed their task, they will be presented with the end screen with a report card showing all passed and failed criteria.

  1. Turn off electricity prior to removing the light bulb.
  2. Remove lamp shade.
  3. Throw away the old light bulb.
  4. Install the new light bulb.
  5. Replace lamp shade.

How to Play

This module uses one touch to interact with the environment and complete the activity.

Mouse Button Action
 Left-click  Interact with interactable objects.
 Pick up items.
 Select menu/user interface options.

Guided Mode


Independent Mode


Supplemental Material


Change a Light Bulb Overview.docx

Change a Light Bulb Pre-Post.docx

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