Choosing Appropriate Clothing

This is an overview of the Choosing Appropriate Clothing


In this module, players will find themselves in a bedroom with a window showcasing the weather outside. Based on the conditions they see, they will need to put together an appropriate outfit. The module spans four days, each with its own unique set of conditions. Once they have selected an outfit for all four days, they will be shown a report that will reflect how they did and display any mistakes they made along the way.

  1. Select upper-body clothing.
  2. Select lower-body clothing.
  3. Select footwear.
  4. Select outerwear.
  5. Advance to the next day.
  6. Repeat steps 1-4 until all days are finished.

How to Play

This module uses one touch to interact with the environment and complete the activity.

Mouse Button Action
 Left-click  Interact with interactable objects.
 Pick up items.
 Select menu/user interface options.

Guided Mode


Independent Mode


Supplemental Material


Choosing Appropriate Clothing Overview.docx (Coming Soon)

Choosing Appropriate Clothing Pre-Post.docx (Coming Soon)

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