Taking Out the Bins

This is an overview of the Taking Out the Bins activity


This module begins in a garage with bins that need to be taken out to the curb. Over the course of a week, the player will reference a calendar to check which days the trash and recycling trucks come for pickup. They will need to place the bins outside so that they are at the curb when the respective truck comes around. When the week is over, a report will inform the player of any mistakes they made, such as leaving a bin outside or missing a pickup day.

  1. Reference calendar for pickup days.
  2. Take trash/recycling bin to the curb.
  3. Bring trash/recycling bin back into the garage.
  4. Advance days as necessary.

How to Play

This module uses one touch to interact with the environment and complete the activity.

Mouse Button Action
 Left-click  Interact with interactable objects.
 Pick up items.
 Select menu/user interface options.

Guided Mode


Independent Mode


Supplemental Material


Taking Out the Bins Overview.docx (Coming Soon)

Taking Out the Bins Pre-Post.docx (Coming Soon)

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