About Us

Our Vision

We envision an educational system that meets the needs of ALL students, ensuring that they achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

MAASE provides opportunities for leadership development, collaboration, and advocacy. We do this in partnership with our members - to shape policies and practices to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

Our Core Beliefs
  • All students are general education students
  • Students with disabilities (0-26) have the right to receive high quality instruction
  • High quality and relevant professional learning for all educators is crucial
  • Internal and external collaboration is essential for high quality outcomes
  • Administrators must stay engaged and current at the national, state and local levels
  • Advocacy is essential in leadership
  • Our collective capacity is greater than our individual capacity
  • In visionary thinking and courageous decision making
  • In inclusiveness demonstrated by a commitment to diversity, caring and respect for the dignity and worth of all individuals

As a CASE Affiliate, we believe
  • The community should celebrate human diversity as enriching the whole society.
  • All students have a right to a quality education that will enable them to develop to their maximum potential.
  • Local administrators are critical change agents who affect the quality and future of special education and the education of students with exceptionalities.
  • Educational benefits, measured by individual achievements relative to ability and circumstances should be documented and promoted.
  • CASE produces an international, collegial network and opportunities for professional growths.
  • Special Education is an interdisciplinary, student support system committed to innovation in education.
  • Local administrators make a difference in the quality and future of the lives of individuals with exceptionalities and their families within the educational system and the community.
  • CASE is an integral part of the Council for Exceptional Children and provides a unique vehicle to accomplish our respective missions.
CASE Statement of Ethics

The development of a Statement of Ethics is an essential characteristic of a profession and provides one means for the exercise of professional self-regulation. It indicates a profession’s acceptance of the responsibility and trust with which it has been invested by society. Each Special Education Administrator entering the profession inherits a measure of that responsibility and trust and the obligation to adhere to the profession’s code of ethical conduct.

It is the responsibility of a professional association to provide measures to judge the competency of its membership and to evaluate the quality of its services. This concern for quality is the heart of a professional association’s responsibility to the public. A profession must seek control of its practice to guarantee the quality of service. Behind that guarantee are the standards and ethics that offer assurance to the public we serve.

In recognition of the importance of ethics and standards and the need to guarantee quality special education services, the Council of Administrators of Special Education has formulated a set of ethical statements to guide the practice of our profession.

CASE Standards
The Special Education Administrator
  • Makes serving and supporting exceptional children and their parents the primary responsibility;
  • Strives to be proficient in current professional practice;
  • Supports study and research guided by the conventions of scholarly inquire;
  • Respects the privacy of students and parents and holds as confidential information in accordance with State/Provincial and Federal laws;
  • Regards colleagues, parents and students with respect, courtesy, fairness, and good faith;
  • Upholds and advances the values, ethics knowledge and mission of the profession;
  • Fosters and supports maximum self-determination and independence on the part of exceptional children;
  • Utilizes impartial professional judgment in evaluating the needs of exceptional children and their parents;
  • Accepts the responsibility to provide meaningful training experiences to colleagues, general educators, and the public;
  • Promotes the general welfare of exceptional children.

Board of Directors & Regional Reps

Strategic Plan

Bylaws and Procedures

MAASE Projects

In September of 2023, MAASE received a state grant from section 27j of the school aid act that provides funding for the development of multiple pathways of professional learning and support for special education personnel. Training will include the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to ensure positive results for educators, students with disabilities, their families and community.  The projects below outline the various opportunities that are being developed for aspiring administrators, practicing administrators, building-level leaders, paraeducators, mentors and mentees. 

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New Administrator Academy

The MAASE New Administrator Academy (NAA) brings together a small cohort of new (first or second year) Special Education administrators and selected mentors, for ongoing in-person and virtual professional learning opportunities. This academy enhances leadership skills and focuses on retaining talent by offering:

  • Mentoring
  • Seminars
  • Facilitated Discussion
  • Informal Dialogue
  • Skill/tool Application
  • Opportunities for Reflection

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Partnership Opportunities

Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to connect with special education leaders from across the state of Michigan? MAASE Professional Learning events are the perfect opportunity to do just that. We offer 5 in-person learning events for our members and the entire education community with sold out capacity for every event during our 2023-24 offerings. Only 2 partners are accepted per event which Each offers an exclusive, intimate opportunity for partners to connect with attendees in a meaning full way. 

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Summer Institute Partnership Opportunities

Imagine being only 1 of 40 registered partners at the largest learning event of the year. The MAASE Summer Institute conference is our largest annual conference with over 750 attendees, 80+ breakout sessions, 3 days of learning, and 5+ hours of networking and connecting. Special education professionals claim this to be their 'can't miss' experience of the year and you have the opportunity as a partner to be at the center of all the action.

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Contract Positions and RFPs

Are you looking to become a professional partner with MAASE either through a specific contract for services or meeting other needs of the association? We welcome you to review our open contract opportunities and RFPs.

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To honor the hard work, dedication and impact our members make in the field of special education, MAASE presents 3 awards to well deserving professionals in our association, the Beekman Award, the Patricia Gilcrest-Fraizer Award, and the Murry O. Batten Humanitarian Award. 

In addition to recognizing the outstanding professional in our association, MAASE is also the proud recipient of many state and national level awards!

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Past Presidents

To become a President for MAASE one must be nominated by themselves or other association voting members and receive the majority vote in the associated election. The job of the President while serving is to be the CEO (chief executive officer) and shall have authority over the general control and management of the business and affairs of the association. This is a role that requires dedication and a true passion for moving MAASE and it's impact on the special education industry forward in alignment with the mission of the association. On this page we recognize those who have been appointed, elected and served as President of MAASE.

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Meet the MAASE Team

MAASE is a premier resource in Michigan for providing professional advocacy, learning and leadership to special education administrators. We are a statewide professional organization that includes over 800 members across five regions in Michigan. The MAASE team is made up of both staff and contractors, their responsibilities are to execute the mission and vision of the association through collaboration is our members and stakeholders.

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