MAASE is a premier resource in Michigan for providing professional advocacy, learning and leadership to special education administrators. We are a statewide professional organization that includes over 700 members across five regions in Michigan. Please reach out to your MAASE Board Regional Reps or a member of the Leadership Team to learn more about opportunities to advocate, learn & lead with MAASE!


  • Abby Cypher
    Abby Cypher
    Executive Director MAASE (517)618-1342
    Executive Director
  • Lindsey Zeller
    Lindsey Zeller
    Manager of Membership & Marketing MAASE
    Manager of Membership & Marketing
  • Kristine Gullen
    Kristine Gullen
    Project Manager MAASE
    Manager of Projects
  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio Rodriguez
    Director of Business and Operations MAASE
    Director of Business and Operations
  • Kathy Barker
    Kathy Barker
    Manager of Talent Development Central Michigan University
    Manager of Talent Development
  • Ben Hicks
    Ben Hicks
    Assoc. Executive Director of Training & Development MAASE (517)618-1519
    Assoc. Exec. Director of Training & Development
  • Cheryl-Marie Manson
    Cheryl-Marie Manson
    Project Manager MAASE
    Project Manager
  • Caroline Schwartz
    Caroline Schwartz
    Administrative Assistant MAASE
    Virtual Administrative Assistant